So Whats Included?
  • DAILY CONTENT: 35 Days of Daily Content
  • VIDEO: Hours and Hours of Video
  • PREP: Shopping Lists, and our Favorite Recipes 
  • DOCS: Worksheets and Articles for help
  • MACRO CALC: Get Your Macros Perfect
  • RESEARCH: 1000s of Hours of Research
  •  Learn why “It’s Not Your Fault You’re Fat”
  •  Learn the secrets of Nutritional Ketosis (NK) from the “Keto Sensei” who lost over 50 pounds using NitroKeto products & the NitroKeto Weight Loss protocol.
  •  Learn how to turn your body into a “Fat Burning Machine” through NitroKeto (NK).
  •  Learn the secret to effortless, sustainable weight loss with (NK)!
  •  Learn how NitroKeto can help you to unlock your full potential.
  •  Learn what causes inflammation and how to radically reduce it!
  •  Learn why “Eat Less, Exercise More” is a Myth when it comes to weight loss!
  •  Learn what the right kind of exercise is for you.
  •  Learn how to calculate your daily Macro Nutrients for weight loss and optimal performance!
  •  Learn why Salt and Saturated fats are really your friends, not your enemy!
  •  All access Ketogenic meal plans.
  •  All access to webinars and video coaching.
  •  All access to the NK Community and Social Networks.
  •  Turn your life around in 90 days!
What Are They Saying?
As of this morning, I am down almost 5 pounds. I was feeling great until yesterday. Tremendous headache and feeling a little dizzy if I move too fast. I know it is temporary though. I have always struggled with drinking water, but I know I need to in order to combat these things. The salt really does help. I have even started putting a little salt in my water. I actually like the taste better, so it makes it easier for me to drink more. Double win!!

Enjoying the products as well.

I have done keto successfully in the past but stalled 15 lbs from my goal. Now I realize, I was probably eating too much protein, and that is my challenge (along with the water) is keeping my protein within my limit. I take a collagen which has 7 grams of protein in it, so that is part of the challenge. I like my collagen, though, so I want to try my best to be able to continue taking it.

Have you ever considered adding collagen to the ketone shake? 

Anyway, I am enjoying the program and learning a lot. I am looking forward to learning about fasting and many other things. 

Thanks for all you do.
:) Eva
Connie U.
I lost a little over 10 lbs and was not hungry. The information I learned about improving my health was great. It helped me immensely. I didn't have to wonder what to have for morning and non. Just ate at dinner.
Greg T.
I loved the Keto Rebootcamp. At 55 years old I lost over 50 pounds and never felt deprived. My energy levels are through the roof. More then anything this program helped me structure a plan of what to eat and when to eat it. The shakes and Keto Cappuccino were fantastic and kept me full for hours. Thank you Nitroketo!
Susan M.
Day 5, I love the information, it is convincing me that I am doing the right thing. I have struggled with lc/hf for a few years, but feel this boot camp is the solution. The shakes are awesome, and learning too much protein turns in to carbs solved many mysteries for me I was eating way too much. Thank you for doing this!!!
Debbie w.
I had struggled for 2 years trying to make Keto work for me. The Ketones Bootcamp got me on track. I have now lost over 40 pounds and am back in a size 6. My energy level is back where it was when I was in my 20s and as a bonus my libedo is too.
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